Susan Hawkins, Small Animal Acupressure

animal acupressure massage

Susan Hawkins was raised in the Netherlands where she graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy to proceed a career in illustration and photography. As it turned out, she spent over 25 yrs painting animals in an attempt to recollect some of the bones in danger of becoming lost. Always seeking complementary modalities to aid the animals in her care, she bought a book on animal acupressure and massage in 1990 which made a lasting impression.

She emigrated to Portugal and worked as a volunteer for the countless homeless animals the country has, providing for temporary shelter for the severely traumatized, setting up adoption programs, graphic design work and and promoting Portuguese animal associations in Holland.The work proved emotionally draining and after some 4 years she returned to her vocation as a designer only to be offered the opportunity to study at the Tallgrass Institute - the worn and torn acupressure book still by her side. She is expanding her knowledge base with small animal rehab massage and hopes to add more complementary modalities for the practice she is setting up. Meanwhile, the 6 rescued dogs in her care have become the biggest Portuguese supporters of acupressure and principal wagging-tail-endorsers of the Tallgrass Institute.