Leeann "Lu" Garnas, Equine Therapeutic Services
Belgrade, MT 59714

animal acupressure massage

Lu Garnas is an equine acupressure practitioner through Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute in Colorado. In addition to the acupressure, Lu is also a certified sports massage therapist facilitating young and old, performance and 4-H horses around her region. Lu specializes in performance and rehabilitation cases, working closely with surgical and rehabilitative teams to return horses to their careers and maintain a high level of performance. Lu added natural barefoot trimming to her tool belt as a method of affecting the rest of the horse a few years ago. With these modalities, Lu has an understanding of the whole horse, from the ground up, making them more comfortable in their work and daily life. Lu's specialties take her around the West, traveling to Colorado, Wyoming, Oregon, and California. . . so far.

April Johnston
Bozeman, MT

animal acupressure massage

In 1991, April fractured her spine in a riding accident. She suffered chronic pain for 16 years and tried chiropractic, massage, ultrasound, and exercise-based physical therapies. She was introduced to Structural Integration Therapy and underwent the human version of the work. This work so dramatically relieved her pain, that April sought ways to bring the same benefits to her equine friends, returning to school to learn how to do equine structural integration.

April holds an Advanced Certification from the The Equine Natural Movement School. In 2010 she became faculty at the school and is certified to teach both the Level 1 and Level 2 courses. April attended The Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute and is a NBCAAM Board Certified Equine Acupressure Practitioner. She worked with veterinarians in Florida to learn laser therapy, and continues to engage with equine veterinarians to advance her own learning.

April works nationwide and specializes in competitive performance horses in dressage, eventing, and hunter-jumper. She travels the East Coast show circuit in the winter and spring. Prior to becoming an Equine Practitioner, April worked as a senior state agency research scientist and Executive Director for a wildlife non-profit. In addition to her equine therapy certifications, April holds a Masters degree in Biological Sciences and completed 18 months towards a doctoral degree in science before she decided to move in different directions.