Neomi David, Equine Acupressure Practitioner
Raanana, Tel-Aviv 

animal acupressure massage

As an Equine practitioner with Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute, Neomi offers acupressure sessions onsite. Her approach to working with your animals is to select the most optimal health program for your animal. In addition to Neomi's being an animal acupressure practitioner, her background includes: a certificate for Bach Flower Remedies for horses, dogs and cats, certificate of Tel-Aviv University, course in aromatherapy for horses, dogs and cats.

Neomi is currently studying acupuncture for humans and will be completing her degree in 2006.

Michal Kerner, Small Animal Acupressure
Phone: 054-459-7960                              
Website: coming soon                                              

animal acupressure massage

Imagine you have a geriatric dog that isn't able to run anymore due to osteoarthritis. Imagine the frustration you would feel knowing your beloved pet is in pain. Now imagine your reaction seeing your dog run again after years it couldn't. I can tell you I was dumb-struck, staring at my beloved 13 year old Bela in disbelief. All thanks to Acupuncture sessions. This doesn't have to be true just for chronic diseases, but for any condition, medical or behavioral. In 2017 I have finished Tallgrass Institute's Small Animal Practitioner Program.

Astounded by Chinese medicine and its healing abilities, I quickly continued my education with CIVT. Animals were always a great love of mine, and I was fortunate enough to work with them for many years as a veterinary assistant. I hope to bring back health and harmony to your pets and to you, whenever you need.

Zehava Hefetz Levy
Phone:  052-4704491    

animal acupressure massage

Zehava is a certified Equine practitioner with Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Instittue (2017) and a certified Equine practitioner in the Equine Touch bodywork discipline(2015). In order to expand her knowledge, she also took: The NRC Plus Nutrition Course offered by
Dr. Kellon and the Five Element Horse Personality Course.

Zehava believes that combining her knowledge of acupressure, Equine Touch, equine' nutritional needs and behavior traiing enable her to develop a tailored program according ot each animal's specific needs which can offer a safe and effective way of supporting our equine partners' physical and emotional health while maintaining their job. During her sessions with your horse, she can teach you some equine Acupoints work, in order for you to continue supporting your horses' health between sessions.