Clea Netzer,  Equine Acupressure Practitioner 
Gironde, France 
 +336 86 69 75 23

animal acupressure massage

Clea studied two years under the professional guidance of the Tallgrass Institute of Acupressure completing her studies in Australia 2016 and USA 2017 to become an equine practitioner. Clea has decided to dedicate her time to horses since 2010. Further studies include riding instructor, equine massage, shiatsu and saddle-fitting. Clea is happy to attend to horses in France, south-west region.

Sonia Bellon, Small Animal Acupressure Practitioner 
Toulouse & Orléans areas 

animal acupressure massage

Sonia is a Certified Small Animal Acupressure Practitioner accredited by the Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute. She has a background in biology and environmental management and is the owner of Anahata Healing Circle that was born out of her passion to promote pets' optimum health through a holistic, non-invasive approach, complementary to veterinary care. She's an animal communicator, animal Reiki Master, Raw Dog food nutrition specialist and uses flower essences and crystals as well. She enjoys teaching Animal Reiki in the Greater Toronto Area and in France where she is originally from. 

Although originally she intended to work solely with animals, her practice has slowly shifted towards helping people as well on their healing journey.