Acupressure Scope

Animal Acupressure Scope

Tallgrass Animal Acupressurists have a minimum of 250 hours of animal acupressure course time and more hours practicing acupressure to achieve their goal of providing acupressure sessions for the benefit of animals. To protect and expand the practice of animal acupressure, they are ethically bound to behave professionally and work within their Scope of Service.

View: Tallgrass Code of Ethics

It is incumbent upon each Tallgrass Animal Acupressurist Student to know the laws set forth by their state, province, or territory of residence. The laws and regulations concerning acupressure and other forms of bodywork for animals vary widely and are constantly changing. We strongly recommend that each Animal Acupressure student consistently refer to their provincial or territorial veterinary board and human massage board.

View : Current Provincial and Territorial Regulations

We encourage the Tallgrass Certified Animal Acupressurists to work in concert with the veterinarians within their communities. In provinces where a veterinary referral is required, we recommend that they work directly with local veterinarians. Additionally, to support the Tallgrass Acupressurists, we suggest that they have their clients sign the Consent & Acknowledgement Letter, located in the Hands on Manuals as well as in your Graduation package, prior to working with an animal for their legal protection.


We expect that all of the Tallgrass Animal Acupressurists have ongoing education in Traditional Chinese Medicine and other forms of complementary animal-related education. To this end, Tallgrass offers post-graduate training courses every year. Tallgrass encourages all graduates to participate and attain professional membership in the National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure & Massage ( to enhance their professional standing scope of animal acupressure.

If it is brought to the attention of the Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute that a graduate is not performing services within the Scope of Service or indicating that they are other than an Animal Acupressurists, we will investigate. Once the claim has been thoroughly investigated, and, if verified that this individual is not staying within the bounds of professional ethical conduct and scope of service then they will be issued a warning. If this event occurs a second time concerning the same individual, Tallgrass will remove their completion award. 

Animal Acupressure has so much to offer to both the people who practice it professionally and the animals receiving that we want to safe-guard it from any detraction from its power and goodness. We know that the Tallgrass curriculum offers a comprehensive educational opportunity for all wanting to become Animal Acupressurists and abide by its Code of Ethics and Scope of Service.